2015 OVADA Warehouse, Oxford

Following their joint exhibition in Denmark, Composing Spaces, and continuing their exploration of the theme of ‘home’, UK artists brook & black collaborated with Danish artists Christina Bredahl Duelund and Natascha Thiara Rydvald. In May 2015, the artists worked together for the first time, with ‘Composing Space’, a group exhibition at the Gjethuset Gallery, Denmark.

The second part of this exchange resulted in the exhibition, Arkitektoniske Kramper,* where the artists used moving sculpture, video, photography, installation and sound to transform the OVADA warehouse into a multi-layered exploration of the architectural and mental space of their shared experiences. 

*Translation: Architectural Cramps (A cramp is a device, fixed between two architectural elements, that holds them from falling away from each other. In Danish it also means a grumpy, bossy woman).

Alongside the exhibition brook & black organised a public symposium at the OVADA gallery: Pulling together/Pulling apart: Forces in Creative Collaboration

brook & black with Steven Fowler (The Enemies Project), Natasha Thiara Rydvald - "Når vi står så tæt stjæler du jo luften" (trans: “When you are so close you steal my air”), Tamarin Norwood - Exploring interdisciplinary asymmetries and multilingualism, Christina Bredahl Duelund - on collaboration in general - expectations and her own experiences.

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