• X-Change Gallery, Oxford,

  • 115, OXO Tower, South Bank, London,

  • Brookes Contemporary, Modern Art Oxford,

  • Umfeld/Inwelt, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany

A sound and video installation. brook & black's first exhibition as a partnership.

brook & black are concerned with the idea of the changing shape and feel of the space within a building as the light that structures its architecture both brightens and fades, in rhythms that breathe in counterpoint to the lives lived within.  In the normal course of daily life there are moments of dazzling brilliance and almost imperceptible shifts in light.  By editing and projecting these fragments of light and shadow within a constructed space the artists bring these marginal moments centre-stage.      

In collecting shadows and reflections on video from their domestic environments brook & black have assimilated a palette of transient images that fashion the architecture of the gallery interior whilst referencing the passing of time. The changing rhythms of light breathe in counterpoint to a collaged sound track that mixes human breath with a cycle of elemental sounds.

This exhibition went through a series of changes as it was exhibited in different locations.  One of the pleasures of showing works in different spaces is that this can provide an opportunity to reconsider the work in relation to site and our relationship to the work as its authors.

Funded by Oxford City Council in partnership with Clear Channel Entertainment, and Misco