2017 Ancien Musee-Bibliotheque, Grenoble, France

2016 St. John the Evangelist, Cloister Gallery, Oxford, UK

Through invitation and the mechanism of Oxford Twinning, brook & black joined three other Oxford based artists to make new work for the Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble and SJE Arts, Oxford.  The exhibition in France was opened by the Mayor, Eric Piolle.  The new, site-responsive work made by brook and black was an elevation of suspended bed sheets, that inhabited the upper space in the impressive museum interior of the Old Library,  on the library floor in a book cabinet, as counterpoint to the risen sheets, they re-sited a previous work - the rippling sheet video from 'Composing Space'.  In the reciprocal Oxford exhibition   for the lovely cloister of St. John the Evangelist Church, Oxford brook & black made a new audio/video projection work; a collage of church (Catholic) bells recorded  in France, the sound ringing out rhythmically as if emanating from the billowing sheet.

Exhibiting in Grenoble were Madi Acharya-Baskerville, Diana Bell, Jonathan Moss, Agne, Emmanuelle Radzyner, Jeff, Saint-Pierre and Sonia Serrano.

Exhibiting in Oxford were Madi Acharya-Baskerville, Diana Bell, Jonathan Moss, Hanneke Francken, Susanne Krell, Eric Margery and Inna Rogova.