Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK

Group Exhibition:

Emil Alzamora | Johan Andersson | Francis Bacon Sarah Ball  |  Wanda Bernardino | brook & black | Tom Butler | Bob Carlos Clarke | Lucian Freud | Cathy Lewis | Neil Moore | Ione Rucquoi | Gavin Turk | Stuart Wiggins

Publicity text: bo.lee projects in partnership with The Royal West of England Academy presents us with a provocative and challenging exhibition that will awaken the emotions. Oneself as Another brings together a select group of painters, sculptors, and photographers from the UK and USA whose work expresses the hidden depths within notions of selfhood by exploring what defines an individuals being in the world.

Alongside works by Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon whose brutal exposure of the individual psyche are better known; Oneself as Another presents work by artists who offer an alternative contemporary portraiture; one which acknowledges yet refuses the freak show of difference.

By bringing the un-seeable and un-sayable to the fore, this exhibition offers the viewer the chance to reconcile aspects of one's own, personal narrative - through the brave acknowledgement of Another. 

brook & black were requested to exhibit the video diptych (Self) Portrait (2007) in a wall-based version of its original installation for this group show.