2014 ‘Oneself as Another’, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK

2007 Digital and Physical Surfaces Research based Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK (International Centre for Fine Art Research, FADE, as part of a practice-based research exhibition).

2007 Oxford Town Hall, Oxford

2006 ‘They Came to See’ - Hooglandse Kerk, Nieuwstraat, Leiden, Netherlands

After a period of research, looking closely at first hand, the portraits by Rembrandt, brook & black responded with a mixed-media installation and pair of giclee prints that were exhibited in Holland, Oxford and London. This work focused on the act of painting, of dialogue and mediating the space within and on the digital and analogue surface.


In the sixtieth anniversary year of twinning between the City of Oxford and Leiden Town Council, eight Oxford artists have been invited to hold the inaugural art exhibition in Holland, confirming the cultural link between these two great University cities.  This exhibition is one of a number of celebrations taking place in July, to coincide with events to mark the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Dutch painter Rembrandt, who was born in Leiden in 1606. Oxford City Council and Leiden Town Council are proud to give support to this cultural initiative and delighted it forms part of the Leiden Rembrandt Festival.

This artist-led initiative will be a site-specific exhibition in the dramatic setting of the Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden,

The artists' preparation and research will culminate in a contemporary response from each individual artist to the work of Rembrandt.  Reflecting on aesthetic, formal and conceptual concerns relating to Rembrandt's art, each artist will use their current working practice to create new works in a variety of media; light, sound, video, photography, sculpture and painting.                                                                         


Paul Black,brook & black, Rory Carnegie, Clare Carswell, Miranda Creswell, Jan Crombie, Katy Howkins.        

Sandy Bloch – Exhibition Organiser

‘This exhibition not only forges cultural links across the waters, it also supports artists professional development and creativity by offering new sites and contexts within which to share collaborative practice and dialogues’.

Artist of Leiden – Hans de Vrijer

‘You can always disagree about a work of art, and talk about it – this leads to greater understanding, civilisation and helps bring different cultures together’.

End: OCC March 2006